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Katya: Top Female Skateboarder

Katya: Top Female Skateboarder

Katya, 23, says she was destined to take up skateboarding.

Having been asked at least 100 times how she got into the male-dominated sport, Katya immediately responds that she was born on June 21, which happens to be ‘Go Skateboarding Day’, the sports official annual holiday.

She then adds that the English version of her name – Kate – along with the first initial of her family name – S – spells ‘skate.’

”I have tried everything – BMX, dancing, samba, snowboarding. But life led me to skateboarding.”

Katya, who was one of only a few girls recently practicing at a club in northeastern Moscow, has broken two ribs over the 10 years that she has been skateboarding.

She mainly practices with other boys and competes against them due to a lack of female competitions. She came in 14th out of 50 last year in a major competition that featured nearly all boys.

Katya, 150 cm tall, says its hard to find skateboards in Moscow that fit her short stature. She says she destroys a few boards a month and has to order in advance to ensure they are in stock.

”Skatebaording its not just a sport, but a philosophy.It’s another view on the world. You see the opening of a new mall, while I see a new skating spot; rails and steps that I can jump.”

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