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Masha: Sakhalin Translator, Photographer

Masha: Sakhalin Translator, Photographer

Sakhalin: Masha, 31, is a native Sakhalin resident and works as a translator. In her free time, she photographs her Island. I asked her about what changes she has seen on Sakhalin, an oil and gas region, over the years.

“15-20 years ago there was nothing here. One Chinese market, a few stores. There was no choice. Now you can find anything. About 6-7 years ago, good cafes, restaurants and hotels started to open.”

The city has become less grey, she said, something one can see from the housing refurbishment program. But, the cityscape isn’t the only thing that is changing.

She has noticed behavioral changes that are also present in Moscow. ‘’If five years ago it was popular to stand on the street and smoke, many people now try to lead a healthy life.’’

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