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Myrzabek: Kyrgyz NGO Volunteer

Myrzabek: Kyrgyz NGO Volunteer

BISHKEK: Myrzabek, 17, was wearing a sweater that read ‘’We are different, We are equal’’ while he helped his dad sell goods in the street underpass in Bishkek.

I asked him what the sweater and expression referred to. He said he is a volunteer in a organization that tries to ‘’unite people’’ of various ethnicities. He said he takes part in trainings at schools and universities, especially in the Jalal-Abad region that borders Uzbekistan.

I asked why he is volunteering when he could spend his time hanging out with friends or playing sports. ‘’I was born there [Jalal-Abad]. There were terrible [ethnic] fights. It is possible that a village will be split between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz. They may go to the same school, but not talk with each other,” he said.

”We want to them to study and play together so the fighting isn’t repeated.” Myrzabek, who helps his dad after school, wants to dtudy physics at university.”

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