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Nafset: Seeing-Impaired Singer

Nafset: Seeing-Impaired Singer

MOSCOW: ‘’It was very painful. I didn’t want my family to leave me at the boarding school. A teacher calmed me down, but when I went to look for [my relatives], I was told they left. It was very traumatic. My mom wasn’t allowed to meet me for a while. They said I had to get used to this school,’’ said Nafset, a native of Adygar in perfect English.

She spent 10 years at a school for seeing-impaired children in Krasnodar. While at the boarding school, she took up  singing at a near-by school and with the help of her teacher, got a chance to travel abroad to perform. She later entered a musical college in Krasnodar and then a music academy in Moscow.

In 2014, she sung at the closing Winter Paralympic ceremony in Sochi. However, her immediate family didn’t get a chance to see that performance. Her mother and sister died in a car crash in 2012 while her father passed away years earlier.

Nafset wants to continue developing as a singer and was invited to audition at the Manhattan School of Music. Even if she is accepted, she is not sure she will be able to study there. ‘’I don’t know where to find such a huge sum of money for the tuition.’’

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