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Nina: Teenage Model

Nina: Teenage Model

MOSCOW:‘When I said I wanted to be a model, my father had a negative reaction. But once I started to live without their help, travel abroad, they supported me. I told them modeling is just a way for me to have a career in fashion.

I can go to university in a year, but I am not sure I can be a model in a year,’’ said Nina, 17, in excellent English. She spoke with a self-confidence that made her seem early 20s. ”I have a lot of life experience – traveling makes you wiser than your age would indicate,’’ she added.

Nina said she has worked in Singapore and takes care of her own visas. She has already changed three agents. ”If you want to have career, you need to find a goid agent who is interested in your future and not just money.’’ While she models, she is working on setting up her own photo shoots with the idea of perhaps someday working in a magazine. 

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