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Qethy: US Peace Corps Host

Qethy: US Peace Corps Host

ADJARA MOUTAINS, GEORGIA: While driving in the Adjara mountains, I passed students at a village (pop. 200) bus stop and paused to chat and take photos.

A few spoke decent Russian. I didn’t expect anyone to speak more than a few words of English. Then Qethy stepped forward and talked in excellent English about her dream to become a lawyer and Georgia’s need to improve its rule of law if it wants to join the European community.

I asked how she managed to speak so well. Qethy, who was waiting for the bus to take her to an English language discussion group, said her family has been hosting US Peace Corps volunteers the last 2 years.

She hopes to study in the USA, but added she “will work for her country” to improve human rights, especially women’s rights.

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