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Rinat: Tutoring Math

Rinat: Tutoring Math

MOSCOW: Rinat, a 3rd year math student, was standing outside a metro station offering his services as a math tutor and handing out his contact details. The 19-year old grew up in Orenburg near Kazakhstan and to Moscow to study math, following in his father’s footsteps.

The economic slowdown has hit most Russians with some parents unable to send as much money to their children studying in Moscow as before. 

Rinat said he prefers to tutor math than wait tables and already has two students in high school. He said he tried advertising, but he received no calls, so thought it would be cheaper and more effective to stand outside a popular metro station. IT was his second time standing outside a metro station. Three people had taken his contact details on this day. 

Rinat said he would like to stay in Moscow upon finishing his studies.

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