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Sergey: Russia Village School Teacher

Sergey: Russia Village School Teacher

North Russia: Sergey has been teaching in a remote, northern Russian village for the past two years. A teacher by education, Sergey first worked in sales in his hometown of Ulyanovsk on the Volga.

Dissatisfied both with pay and the work in this hometown, he decided to go back to teaching, but in a remote region where the pay is higher and housing is free.

Sergey taught English and geography at the grammar school in a village of about 300 people.  Sergey would sometimes have to escort children from the neighboring village on the bus back home.

While Sergey said he enjoyed the job, the living conditions weren’t adequate. The old wooden home he was given to live in had no running water.  Getting to the nearest town – 40 kilometers away – was difficult. Only one bus made the trek daily.

Sergey planned to travel around the Far East of Russia while he thinks about what he wants to do next.


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