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Snezhana: Mom & Pole Dance Instructor

Snezhana: Mom & Pole Dance Instructor

NIZHNY NOVGOROD: ”It was a hobby that became a business. This is not striptease. It is a sport and I want to get it across to people that this is a serious activity that requires a lot of physical strength,’’ said Snezhana, 41.

She was offering pole dancing lessons with her colleague Masha, 41, at an outdoor EDM festival near Nizhny Novgorod as a way to promote their year-old school.

I asked Snezhana how she got into the business. She said she signed up for World Class Gym in Nizhny at about age 35, right after she gave birth to her second daughter. Later, she decided to join the pole dancing class offered by the gym.

Snezhana was one of four students in the class. After two years, she and classmate Masha, decided to open their own pole dancing school, which they did last September.

They teach four to five lessons a day, said Masha. Some are group classes, some are individual lessons.

Among the students are Snezhana’s 7 year-old daughter (the youngest student) as well as Masha’s 22 year-old daughter. The eldest student is a 46 years-old.

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