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Sonya: Future Tattoo Artist

Sonya: Future Tattoo Artist

MOSCOW: Sonya, 18, was handing out flyers for an English-language school inside the Moscow metro near the exit on a chilly Sunday spring evening.

She said she works about 12 hours a week to have extra pocket money while studying at a polytechnic.

Sonya said she loves to draw – something that is a family trait – and showed some photos of her work that she had saved on her phone.

She said her mother, grandmother, aunt and sister all draw. Sonya wants to use her drawing skills to earn a living…but not in the typical way.

”I want to become a tattoo master because I really like the concept of body art. Someone will carry on their body your artwork for their entire life.”

Sonya said her mom recently let her get her first tattoo. It was a drawing of a fox on her shoulder.


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