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Yura & Sergei: Nizhny Guitarists

Yura & Sergei: Nizhny Guitarists

NIZHNY NOVGOROD: I was walking along Nizhny Novgorod’s riverside at 5:30 pm when I saw Yura and Sergei playing their guitars.

“We are just sitting, playing for ourselves,” they told me. I chatted about 15 minutes with them and left to finish photographing the city.

Yura told me they would be sitting her til sunset and that it was worth coming back to photograph it.

I walked around for 3 hours and found myself back at the same spot right after sunset. The boys were still there, but were packing up their guitars.

I ran over to get a last shot of them against the sky.

Yura was right, it was worth coming back to photograph.

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